Sunday, May 02, 2004


I start to write down my thoughts today. I must admit that I haven't done this in a long while. It must be the sting of the chicken pox that has evoked my creative juices to flow. See, its been ironic last few days. I have been laughing at myself because i got stuck in manila, but can't go out to meet people. I am at home with nothing to do, but thank God the computer is online.

Or it could be the pain of letting go of someone that has awakened a passion that has somehow slept. I recently decided to part ways with my girlfriend. Only two sundays ago, I closed my eyes and said goodbye. It breaks my heart to do so. But I know, I will come apart big time if I dont.

Its painful.

Its painful, because i know that I still love her. And somehow, my notion of love demands that I free her.

I think it is quite obvious why I decided to write again. Maybe I need this as part of my medication.

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