Friday, May 21, 2004

strange dreams

this morning is not any different from the mornings this week. it feels so cold and so desolate... so alone.

yet something about this week is a little bit queer, different from other weeks. for this week, i dreamed of two weird dreams. (and more weird than that, i remembered those dreams).

i am no dream guru, so i would leave the interpretations to experts. and besides, i think nocturnal dreams are not meant to be analyzed by the dreamer...

dream 1: gma girlfriend

the details are already quite fuzzy for me now. but i dreamt last wednesday night, that GMA is my girlfriend. yep that is right, the reelected president is my lover, and a secret one at that. i remember in the dreams that she would send for me, whenever i am in town.

apologies though for dirty minds, no bed scenes here. hehehe, at least i take pride that my dreams are still General Admission.

dream 2: scuba diving in a room

this was just last night. i dreamt that i have gone scuba diving with sherwin and doc fred. Hahaha of all the people nu? after some time of floating and floating, without seeing anything interesting, i suddenly realized that i do not have a tank, much less a regulator on. i only have my mask on.

my instincts told me to go up for air. and surprise of all surprises, i only have gone up for only about 10 feet or so, that i hit what seems to be a ceiling. then i looked around and so a door on a wall... so i dove towards it and turned the knob.

i expected the knob to jam, but no it did not.
and i expected to gush out of the room like water from a breaking dam near isengard. but no, i did not gush, much less flow out of the room. i walked out of the room.

then i checked myself and i saw myself wearing a wet suit that is... dry.

talk about weird... hehehe

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  1. buhuhuhuhuhuh, what a pity you dreamt of GMA as your GF...
    INTERPRETATION: you are still hibernating, feeling you still have the pox and your subconscious has gone high-strung. you were so overwhelmed to have been able to vote last May 09 and so, that is considered as one great hangover that you can't get over with ; ) to mention that, you did vote for her because of AADc's mandate.
    INTERPRETATION 2: your next GF could be as 'asteeeg' as GMA (but i hope, and pray na pud, that she'll be taller)

    for your dream number two...


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