Thursday, June 10, 2004


while punch 9 is making it an emphasis that they only play alternative music, i was nourishing an alternative relationship with an old friend.

she was my officemate from thomson. we were good friends before we were lovers, and after our love relationship, somehow we still found each other to be good friends.

ironic it may seem, but we became more comfortable with each other after our so called romance. somehow the time that we spent far from each other, made our relationship stronger. last night we were "remembering" our good times together. i was chuckling and laughing of how well we remember each other. doesn't seem like three years already, since we said goodbye.

one of the reasons why i go home to manila is to have a chance to see her. we would see each other with friends, then i would take her home to her boarding house. but before calling it a night, we would share hours and hours of stories and yosi. she would be talking about work, i would be talking about the loves that came and went. she would be listening to my highs and lows, i would be listening to her breathing beside me or right in front of me. then i would marvel and look at a good friend whom i have came to know.

it's hard to describe what we have. like alternative music, it has been hard to put into a category. but who cares about categories and labels at that? what we have seems to transcend images of boundaries (of definitions, of geography, of time, perhaps). but one thing is for sure, she has found a good friend in me... and our relationship, no matter how alternative it may seem would still be one that i would treasure... most.

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