Saturday, July 24, 2004


its always nice, when people come down and visit.  in the past two days, it was an old friend, elaine, from my MA years that came over to davao for a business trip (and not to mention, some catching up in between). 

nice to hear stories of manila, how old friends have basically been old friends, how some of the troop and the guys had newer stories to share, as if all these months away from home were capsulized and captured over a cup of coffee.

even nicer to tell my story.  the story of a wanderer,  a seeker, who ironically doesn't know what he is looking for.  someone, who goes by instinct or by "smell", or with the north wind.  though, it seems that the direction is still cloudy, i feel comfort in the search, in the wait for the discovery.

nice to hug and feel the presence of a colleague, and fellow traveller who has somehow chose a different route.  but no matter, the journey of our lives would definitely be intertwined in more ways than one. 

though it has been busy past two days, and my best has been pushed and extended beyond what i know.  it was a highlight to have coffee with her last thursday, and breakfast this morning, and durian for lunch.  not exactly a perfect diet, but hey, the ritual of durian is best celebrated with someone who shares the passion.

this morning, i saw an old bead ornament that marlon gave as a present at the end of my jvp year.  somehow, i have attached a special meaning for a bracelet or a choker made of beads.  with its intricate designs and computed combination of colors, it has come to symbolize the journey of my years. 

so i put them on again, to say, "hey dude, this guy is on his journey, and he knows it!"

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