Tuesday, September 28, 2004

excitement - extinguished

i was supposed to be in maragusan today, and yesterday. but here i am stuck (again) in front of a pc with a mind that would rather play pc games than go to work. i am not about to lament though i came to be here in the office. let us just say that this is the best arrangement that i can think of.

a deep sigh there.

and that is half of the story.

the "supposed to be" urban trekking race, was not actually a race. rather it is just an urban trek. pretty disappointing for me.

the thingy was supposed to start at 6.30a, figured that 6a is a safe time, since i still need to register. the first thing i noticed about the people there, is that they are not built for a race. most are wearing slippers, some ladies are even wearing jeans. i thought that maybe this is how davao adventurers go.

and as more people piled in, estimates reach around 150 participants that day, the organizers arrived at around 7.30a. what an organized lot, with the IDs not even laminated. talk about professionalism.

finally, the trek started at 8a. she-she and i agreed to push on even if we already found out that the race is a misunderstanding we presumed. so there we were, talking and talking while trying to work out a sweat. i can feel the weight of my bag: 2 liters of water in hydration system, 2 chocolaits, 2 time out chocolates, and a pack of peanuts. energy food. and i realized i really wouldn't need it anymore. so i just left it inside and would just share it with ninin when i get back home.

that could've been okay. we were resigned to our fate, so to speak. however, what pissed us of, is the way the group has lived to its "unorganized" initial jusdgement. imagine a group of 150 or so trekkers wishing to travel as one! in my years of climbing and trekking, i never heard of such a freaking rule. furious that is what i am. we simply just cannot pursue any further after the second stop in matina pangi because 1/4 of the delegation is still taking their time.

a pity, it could've been a nice way to spend a sunday morning. the organizer in me started coming up with better ways of doing it. but it all the more it got me irritated and frustrated. oh well.

i guess the search goes on for another nice thing to do on a sunday morning.

a deeper sigh there.

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