Monday, September 13, 2004

on being dr. love

at the costa marina yesterday, while getting my face and body burned by uv, and while reading and absorbing through the da'vinci code, while chatting with maya in between eating and staring at the wide expanse of the sea, another "while" activity was happening simultaneously.

talk about windows...

anyways, i was also answering texts here and there from a friend who was consulting about, of all the topcis in the world: her lovelife. i tried to laugh it off, and probably thought of another way for the friend to tease me about my not-so-existent love life. but no, i knew she was damned serious when the first question was followed by another, then another.

of all the people in the world, why did she choose me? why me?

no answers...

'cause the question wasn't blurted out, until now.

maybe... nah i don't want to start on that again.

i'll just leave it at that. as it is. as it should be. no more analyzing for me.

i choose to see it this way, because i am a friend. and a friend is more than an expert called upon to look at problems and try to solve them.

come to think of it, i really didn't help her with her problems. her questions are far more complicated than i can handle. but i am glad, that i was there. to listen, to hear, albeit only through texts, what she has to say. what she isn't saying.

and i am glad, she chose me to be her friend yesterday, amidst the sea, the sand, an interesting book, and good company.

something to be thankful for, on a hectic week such as this one.
its the lyan's birthday today. greeted him over the phone first thing in the morning. damn he is sixteen as i write... uh-oh kuya is being chased by his siblings.

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