Wednesday, October 13, 2004

birthday month

aside from being the birthday month of pare (12), jody (8), precious (9), reggie (11), garret (13), jun-jun (18), tita puring (18), ina (23), norie (15 or is it 16?), richard (1... my brain is not processing dates correctly...), raul manglapus (20... narinig ko ito nung bata-bata pa ako, atik lang siguro, pero sige na nga para may ka-bday akong "once famous), jerber (21), it is also the month when i came into the world. that for me and the rest of the crew, and the other people who celebrate in this month, makes october a very special month.

shiva must have been right, october is the happening month. so many birthdays, so many things that make it very, very interesting.

as far as i can remember, special events and memories, and not to mention things to look forward to, have been attached to this month.

my mom used to throw birthday parties for me as far as i can remember. even last year, when i went home for it, there are a few friends that gathered to have dinner with everyone. i even cooked adobo (my speciality :)). its funny, cause my birthday always seems to be a reunion of sorts. among them would be sisters and brothers of mom and dad from the charismatic community, and my friends from everywhere. occassionally, there would be omar's, janet's, melo's or lyan's tropa or kada dropping by too.

dad cook's his specialty, kare-kare (*yum!) and not to be outdone, mom would be stewing her beef alexander (secret recipe daw niya yun). there will be lots of food for everyone, and beer for the after dinner party. i always get the impression that birthday parties at our house in manila is like a "pakain sa barangay." it never goes down quietly.

but this year is surely going to be different. same day next week, i would be on leave. and i would have the whole day for myself. i don't have plans for it, except perhaps some beer in the evening, the venue is still to be determined though. it would be quite queer though to spend it with myself. the first time i would be doing so. i guess it could come down quietly. hmmmmm, really interesting.

another thing that i look forward to that day is the coming of a shower of rain. it never fails. i remember when i turned seven, i walked outside from our house and watched the gutter flowing with rain water, not caring whether the rain is already messing up my cowboy birthday costume. last year, it was all hot all day, then at around 10p the sky just split open and poured me my annual gift. the year before that, we spent it at isla reta and i wasn't surprised because it was raining all day.

i used to say that my birthdays would not be complete without rain. and maybe, just maybe, this year is going to be different. well, i just have to find that out.

but no matter, whether it would be a big party or an intimate one, whether there be rain or none. i look forward to the day. for that day reminds me of one special thing. i am blessed. and i take comfort in that fact that i know that i am.

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