Wednesday, October 06, 2004

happy thoughts on a wednesday

  • my pare just passed the LET! am so happy for her, i feel inspired to continue following what i really wanted to do. proud, that's what i am... prayer really works.
  • ipe is getting the inkling that i am not ok. i've been getting it from his emails. am readying my disposition so that when we talk, i would be clear on what i wanted to say.
  • woke up at 8a to a cloud cast morning. i love this type of weather, second day in a row. seems like someone up there is in empathy.
  • gimik last night with japeng, ron, glen, ninin, mehane and volks. after a hearty dinner at delongtes (treat ni japeng!!!) we trooped off to basti's for some coffee, cake and conversations. coffee as usual drained the energy in me and almost sent me packing for a nice place to sleep. luckily, the group is not content with leaving it as that. so off we go to zed's pizza for drinking, singing and some dancing

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