Tuesday, January 18, 2005

further up further in

"i have come home at last! this is my real country! i belong here, this is the land i have been looking for allmy life, though i never knew it till now. the reason why we loved the old narnia is that is soometimes looked a little like this. bree-hee-hee, come further up, come further in."

the unicorn
the final battle
the chronicles of narnia

my christmas wish for 2004 was quite simple. i just want the one volume compilation of the chronicles of narnia, the one with aslan, the lion in the cover. and a few days after the new year, before coming home to davao, i have the 768 paged book in my bag and smelling the new pages.

ahh heaven!

the feeling was likened to a search for that something i know that is mine. i may not have taken it at first when i first saw it in the best seller table of national bookstore in sm davao, but how many people are given the privelege of second chances? especially if the second chance is in another national bookstore, in the podium in ortigtas.

all the time i have aspired for the book, i do not remember a feeling of regret. what is mine would be mine, as i have always said to celeste.

i came in 20 minutes late this morning, right after finishing the last two chapters of the chronicles. when the website said that there were about 60 million readers who have enjoyed the book, i did not immediately believed them. for i was frustrated with eco's focault's pendulum. there were many rave reviews but all that was said, never allowed me to get past chapter 56 of the 120 chaptered book.

after the last page of the chronicles of narnia, i closed the book and said, that the estimation is still a bit wrong, for it has added one more fan in the list of cs lewis readers who have enjoyed his works. page after page, chapter after chapter and book after book, lewis has elevated the imagination to magnificent heights. it has created a world wherein the beauty has co-existed with the ugliness of life.

in the telling the story in the point of view of peter, susan, edmund, lucy, eustace, jill, and cor, it has reflected the story of jerry as well. o how many times have i closed my eyes and imagined myself as the character? how have i felt the battles, especially those that happen from within as my battles too, the aspirations of a better world, the longing for the greater good, and yes, even the treachery, madness and selfishness of the anti-heroes.

it has been such a tale of growing up without growing old. of setting things right, through crooked lines. of being strong, despite the weakness of the person. of all the imagination could ever think of.

the most memorable of all lines, was muttered by jewel in the closing chapters of the last book of the chronicles. it is about going home to the place that is always being aspired for. my whole adventure in mindanao has always been likened to jrr tolkien's the lord of the rings. probably because in the end of the jvp year, i felt a whole lot like frodo. frodo who wasn't able to to come home back to the shire. thus, he followed gandalf and the elves to go home to another place far beyond the horizon. somewhere unknown, somewhere distant.

but i guess that likeness would somehow diminish in the next stories that i would be writing.

for now, i guess the ending that i would be aspiring for is the coming home ending of the chronicles of narnia. at the end of this adventure, i would want to come home too. i have often said that i have two homes already, davao and manila. and who knows how many more embraces would i consider home in my lifetime. these homes would be loved for they are reflections of the real home that this soul would find at the end of his time. similar to the narnia, wherein the grand reunion of all heroes have found themselves at the end of their time.

jack lewis said that while the last chapter of the chronicles is the end of the book. the story of all those that have found themselves in the new narnia have just started theirs. and that must be the eternal life, paradise that has been the aspiration of every heart.

like the looking glass that reflected the beauty of the day that has been.

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