Friday, February 11, 2005


just endured three and a half hours of bus ride from kabacan to davao. it was the usual travel, no hype there. near digos, i realized that ces (batch 20) is in the same bus as mine. kewl, now i don't feel so alone anymore.

upon arriving home, around two pm, went straight to sm for some mandarin lunch/isnak. ces was with her office mate pearly (i swear that's what she is called) who happens to be a sister of sarah bernasol. then their ed (co multiversity) came to meet a friend too, bing constantino. i told ces: "whow, COM seems to attract a lot of jvps or their relatives..."

anyways that was not what this entry is all about.

so there, after that, i rushed to uyanguren to get the 15 knapsack sprayer. got php50 off the tag price. fair enough. and i had it delivered to anda.


i passed by up mindanao in anda, and my curiosity got the best of me because conrado de quiros was talking at a public forum on the national situation. why not, it is de quiros. and the last time i had my nat sit was at the orsem, with fr. archie.

as i was about to register, i asked the person at the counter whether i can still come in as the forum ends at 5p and my cell phone tells me it 4:38pm.

i go: can i still come in?
she goes: yes, of course, please do register...
i register
she goes: are you a foreigner?
i go (in my mind): shit

damn, i should have answered: i was.

yun ang astig.

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