Tuesday, April 26, 2005


i cannot seem to right whatever wrong that has afflicted this blog. right now, i have three options:

a. to do nothing
b. to change its appearance
c. to create a new blog

to do nothing is the simplest thing to do. i need not consume brain cells in cracking up a remedy. but like all status quo of all options, this is the thing that should be avoided. for the problem would not have been, had the status quo been ok.

to change its appearance might be a more viable option. at least what i have worked for almost a year would still be pleasing to the eyes. at least i would have some way of getting rid of the frustration that i feel whenever i open this blog. at least i did something.

or to create a new blog is something that i can also do. while this option is independent of the first two, this seems to be the most attractive at this time. while, this might not directly fix the problem at all. but it tickles my fancy for changing.

whatever it is, this blog needs work. funny it has come just before it turned a year old.

after i fix this, then maybe i can write about more interesting stuff like the recently concluded looc-carabao island-boracay trip.

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