Tuesday, June 28, 2005

this is how you make memories

our plane touched down at the davao international airport at ten minutes after 12. 31 degree celsius outside.

now that is what i call a warm welcome.

10 days of manila. that is long enough for sonny boy (my new room mate) and sr. michelle to develop their own versions of kalintur-lab. as for me...

well i would have said the usual "kauli-on na ko bai, katong friday pa gayod!!!"

but somehow, i am glad that i did not go by friday. since i got to manila, i have been looking forward for thursday or friday to get this manila thing over and done with. had it not been for the reports that i have to finish (o sige na nga, had it not been for fete :)) i would have not thought about going to manila. for reasons why i feel this way about manila, is the concern of another entry.

but for now, i would say that this is the first time that i just had the enough dosage of manila . not too much, nor too little. at the airport this morning, i was not in the hurry. nor did i feel that i wanted to stay a bit longer. this time, it was just enough.

the friday to monday days (but nights made it more interesting) made the whole trip all so worthwhile. it is supposed to be the company of officemates, real good friends, family that capped it. dance it up with beats of reggae, marley and tropical depression. spice it with home cooked dinner by mommy, janet and mishel. good conversations about farming with dad. being inspired by mr. dee... and being with a person i really like.

all this and a whole lot more would commit this trip as one of the most memorable ones.

good thing i don't do this often.

now, back to work.

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