Friday, July 29, 2005

feels like 23

if my jvp year could be compressed in a day, that would be yesterday.

and i realize though, that this has been a blog largely about work, so i would steer clear of that. well mostly, here are a few teasers though;

1. top load, lying on my belly. forget to smile, smile in your mind is the more advisable thing to do.
2. tsp-ish time with maco
3. getting my hands dirty with mud. well as if that does not happen everyday, past few days... (or weeks...)

but probably the most "batch" thing that i did was to start to mis-call some batchmates in my address book it was such a cheeky thing to do, outdated to a certain degree. but nevertheless, when i do something that reminds me of that year when i decided, it always brings back good memories, painful lessons and humble feats.

i got a few text messages back, even got a call from ping, and of course the "hu dis?" from kd, mahiya ka nga batchmate!!!! :)

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