Friday, September 09, 2005

a quick guide to festivals

the gang is all set to go to mati, davao oriental tomorrow to attend their festival. i dont know what is it called (yet), i have no idea what to expect. thus far, it has been that attitude that has guided me from dancing whether with street dancers in kaamulan (march, 1st weekend, malaybalay) and kadayawan (august, 3rd week, davao) or with gruppo tribale in kagay-an (august, 4th week, cagayan de oro) to ukay-ukay hunting in tuna festival (september, 1st week, gensan). tomorrow, i use the same principle to do, well, whatever the spirit leads us - in mati. obviously i do not know what is it called. which is worse.

anyways, here are a few thoughts on top of my head about some tips on enjoying the moment of festivals.

1. have fun. that is the first and foremost thing to remember about festivals. if there would be one remaining reason to go to one, this would surely be it.

2. great to have company. i cannot imagine going to a festival without the gang. surely there would be no funny face picture taking, or tireless walking around, or laughter, or sleeping through the trip, or getting drunk and high and all.

3. taste. keep the senses open. drink up the colors, smell the air, salivate on local delicacies, feel the humid air.

4. its also the trip. sometimes, the fun starts as soon as we set off. just last weekend, we made haste for gensan and came across jer.jer street in sta. cruz, davao del sur. and i am not kidding.

5. bring camera. a moment happens only once. so if i can click away every single one i would do just that, until film or memory stick permit. in the event, there would be no hardware, make sure the mind has a lot of space.

how's that?

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