Monday, August 14, 2006

of risks and chances

kadayawan remains to be my favorite festival of all time. i mean, it is not perfect, but therein lies its beauty, its charism that has made this boy fall in love with davao.

last night, i fell in love again. went to magsaysay park to see the sights of a local carnival. there were the usual mango shakes, a booth of coke, henna tatoos, slippers for sale, color game (i.e. color gamble) and of course the ubiquitous rides (ferries wheel, horror caravan and mad mouse, my favorite last night).

mad mouse is a roller coaster in common parlance. have always been amazed of roller coasters, from those super hi tech in theme parks abroad (how i wish i could have a chance, but then again the desire to go around the world is not there. but that is another entry) to the pretty ok stuff in ek - space shuttle and those blue-shoe-like coasters. i guess the fascination comes from the energy transformation from potential to kinetic to potential. amazing isn't it?

plus there is the feeling of trust in the rails, on the coaster and those who put their name on the line.

that putting your name on the line thing was challenged last night. we looked suspiciously at the mad mouse. and boy, was it really mad. i observed how the rickety-looking tracks move to every jerk the coaster makes every time it turns a corner. i looked at how the passengers would somehow dislocate a neck bone and immediately get them back in place as it pass those corners. i heard the rusty wheels bounce with the ups and downs of the ride, looking like they were off to jump off anytime.

oh shit.

i should try this. bought two tickets and held her hand. hah, i just couldn't do this alone. sat on the coaster, smelled a faint blush of beer from the care taker of the coaster and got ready for the ride.

oh shit.

is all i can say everytime our coaster made its head jerking turn.

oh shit

is all i can mutter everytime i imagine the tracks and the wheels hugging it.

oh shit.

and before i knew it, its done. my hearts a beating faster than normal, knees buckling a bit. but a smile painted, written all over.

oh shit.

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