Thursday, September 21, 2006

this is our way

home stretch for peacetech 3!

after the flurry of activities and "have to do's" in september, i know i need to stop a while and reaffirm my treasure. my guts are crimping, and my lips wants to suck on a ciggy. in a thought, what keeps me going?

i was copying cds of the peacetech theme song early (as in early) this morning. this is our way. it sounds so much like a wyd '95-jubilee song rendition. maybe it was because it was done by the same artist.


i am too freakin' busy with the small stuff of arranging lodging, jeepneys, doing trainings and giving trainings. most of the time, i can't seem to see where all of these would be heading. you know about the proverbial question? it sounds exactly like that?

then it struck me this morning. this is our way. this is my way for peace to begin.

i mean its nothing much to what other big people are doing. but i believe in the small things that can start big movements. like it went in the song:

and the mississippi's mighty
but it starts in minnesota
at a place that you could walk across
with five steps down
and i guess that's how you started
like a pinprick to my heart
but at this point you rush right through me
and i start to drown

sparing the mush, i think there is really something to what i am doing. of what it could be, god only knows.

till then, i dance to the beat of the song and mumble softly in my mind.

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