Tuesday, January 02, 2007

pagud na at upod ang aking sapatos

even before i came to manila, i was already telling nin that the lakwatsa bug has bitten once again. i wanted to take a long drive, the farther the better. and so when we saw each other i was already winking at her and telling and telling her that we need to go. so after easy planning, thanks to virtual tourist, we (nin, rhia and me) were off to pagudpud.

i just made sure that we have a place to stay, some places where we can go to and the bus ticket. and we had one of the best vacation ever.

its funny how pagudpud came to be known as such. one of the local legends tells of a batangueño who hiked from, where else, batangas to the ends of northern luzon selling his wares. and when he came around to the sleepy town, the townsfolk asked him how he was. not really knowing what to answer he answered: pagud na at upod ang aking sapatos.

the locals laughed at the new language. and they came to call their place pagud upod as a contortion to the reply of that batangueño. later it was further contorted to pagudpud.

its funny in my mind to end the year with visiting pagudpud. while the batangueño seems to be saying that he is tired of travelling; i, on my part has just been bitten again.

and it might just continue to bite my ass in 2007. the prospects are endless, zamboanga, cagayan de oro and cotabato. god must have head the beatings of my heart, and the yearnings of my foot. i want to travel.

and so i welcome the next year with good memories of pagudpud and look forward to more mileage.

at the end, let me share one of my most favorite text quotes, which goes:

"like falling in love, travel throws us into a state of delight, uncertainty and self-discovery. like lovers, traveloers both give and take. travelers, like lovers, go naked into the world."

check out my travelogue of pagudpud at: http://members.virtualtourist.com/m/d2ca5/152e6e/

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