Monday, July 02, 2007

good morning!

woke up at 4am to drive my friend's mom who leaves today for the states. she'd be coming home soon so there were no drama at the airport. what i found dramatic was the way the sun made its presence felt in davao.

left the house with the moon still reigning supreme in the night sky. the cold whisked at my still wet hair, as i jumped across puddles on the street. it was a rainy night last night.

in a matter of minutes, the sky seems to break open as the slow rays of the sun begin to seep through the dark. oh yeah, it is morning. tricycle drivers who have spent the whole night awake at the corner of matina and sandawa were all but glad to give us a ride to my friend's home. maybe, they were just waiting for us for them to cap their work night. the glare of the morning sun would surely hurt their eyes later.

driving along boulevard, the the clouds play with the rays of the sun as it slowly ascends in the eastern sky. it would be light soon. i quickly shot a glance at my right as our car passed by the gov.generoso bridge... ah my favorite place in davao city is still as wonderful as ever. i told myself this is a beautiful morning.

i must do this again, sometime soon.

hopefully, i'd wake up early enough.

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