Wednesday, July 04, 2007

more than meets the eye...

multiply message board has been so pregnant of reviews on transformers. everyone seems to be raving about it. well who would not, as it was an excellent film, true eye candy, humorous, and has a lot of value to it (especially when prime is holding the mike).

but my story on transformers is not about the movie.

when we were young, the jose kids were not allowed to watch tv from mondays to thursday. mommy jose thought that watching too much tv would distract the kids' study habits. i was too young to rebel, and besides, i really wanted to study then (yeah right).

and so it goes, i would wait for friday (or is it saturday) wherein i could tune in to my favorite tv shows. one of which was transformers. it was nice watching robots fighting their wars on earth. but what gave me the tingles was optimus (he was called optimus by his friends, and prime by megatron) always narrating about the good he found on human beings.

somehow, that made quite an impression for this wide eyed boy watching this red and blue 18wheeler transform into a robot that is like a human himself. although, my greatest mystery then, was how he could talk without moving his mouth, if he has one.

in school, we would be drawing the autobots sign whenever we find a space on our notebooks. it was quite difficult drawing it in the bathroom, as our walls are already occupied by funnier quips like "what you hold now is the future of human kind." nobody wants to be megatron or the decepticons. after the weekend, me and my nerdy friends would be talking about the weekend episode of transforms. "anong nangyari sa transformers?" even if all of us were glued to our respective tvs.

and we would go into saying how good the autobots were, how annoying is the voice of starscream, how the humans are so lucky to have the autobots at their side. in short we wanted to be like optimus, or like bumble bee (who was a volkswagen in the original cartoons) who was very loyal to humans.

we would feel the pain of one of the autobots who would lament on optimus' relentless love and respect for humans. and be glad that they were on our side, because the autobots always win. even if the decepticons are more "astig" and looks more powerful, well, because they are war machines in the first place.

looking back in those faithless days of old, when i still do not know where i am headed to, as if now, i know where; match that with the movie last night; and frame those in the recent events of this so called life- it kinda tickles my fancy.


that is what it is. some say that those things come about every five years or so. it could be a call to change against the basic human yearning to stay the same. alas, the north wind is blowing once more. and when it does, it usually takes me to places and situations that i have never been into.

i guess, those early days have a lot to say why i am here right now. and i think it has a lot to say as well about the direction that i would be taking. while i still am confused and dazed from all those letting gos, and trying to hold ons, that i have been juggling in the last month or so, i take a little breath of air and see where i am.

its so confusing yes. but i know deep in the dark is the clarity that this soul is seeking.

but the eternal question still remains, would it be a 110 or a 220? my take? 110.


i do not know... yet.

there i go again, confusing myself yet again.


  1. Jerry, I stumbled upon your post as I searched for my friend, Derkie -- and when you mentioned "Derkie" and "Jolo" in the same post, I am almost sure we are referring to the same Derkie. I am sure it is no coincidence that both of you are into Comm Dev as well. I have lost touch with him.. don't have his cell.. but please tell him if you can, that Dinna from New York says hello.. I enjoyed ready your blog.. keep writing!

  2. hi dinna, yes i am a friend of derkie's. i will text him to let you know that you dropped by. take care.


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