Sunday, November 25, 2007

consequia cafe

the jose's are on a roll these past few weeks.

we have been putting our heads together and seriously working on opening up a coffee shop in mayon. what has been done so far?

1. looking around - been visiting coffee shops, looking and contacting possible suppliers of ingredients and equipment. everyone seems to be excited in completing the shopping and the equipment list.

2. talking and listening - for me, this is a good thing. we just finished a quick meeting, after pencil pushing of the financials this afternoon. serious number talk. we've established a rosy projection. we think that we will earn. am just not too sure on how we are going to do it...

3. discovering the market - been reading a lot and trying to talk to people who has experience on the market. maybe we are not looking hard enough, coffee advise seems to be rare. hopefully, the flyer i saved from the kape isla event could prove to be a good lead.

next on the list is to finish up the menu (pricing and food tasting) this week, and to firm up plans for the soft opening. we are looking at dec. 8.

for all its worth, i think the desire to work together and to learn from it would certainly be a good experience for all of us. i realize the risk that we are getting into. its still good money that we are investing into it. but if we can work out a good way to learn and make money and a name, it should be all worth it.

consequia is chavacano for thirsty. the cafe quenches the need for a place for coffee and conversations where the past is considered, the present is enjoyed and the future is planned for.


  1. good luck on your new business venture. the name has a 'good taste' on it. :)

  2. salamat lene! we are already quite excited for it.


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