Saturday, January 08, 2011

how to tell a story?

i have been writing for a manual that i hope to finish soon.  it has been a real task, and i am glad that it is going to be over, very soon.  while writing that manual, there are moments when a thought that comes into mind, i wish i was writing a story instead.

i wish i was writing a story instead.  so i returned to this old blogger site to write a story.  

there was once a traveler.  who came across a fork on the path.  one path is the way his path has always been.  the other seems dark, unsure and bends to the right from his vantage point.  he knows that the path will never be the same again after deciding to follow one.  but he has to choose, as the only way is forward.  he struggled, because he has the choice.  and this struggle consumed his thoughts and all his will.  

finally, he chose the dark, unsure and bending path.

a fellow traveler asked him about the choice.  "What made you decide on this path?"

he answered: "Because beyond the path is where I hope to be."

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