Monday, May 03, 2004

Day 7: Chicken Pox ordeal

... and on the 7th day He rested.

Thus says a quote from Genesis. It's been seven days since the virus of the chicken got me. Now I can say, that I am almost in the path to recovery. I feel better now, my throat doesn't hurt anymore, my head stopped spinning, the eyes seem to focus better.

My skin is more revived, hair, of course the hair is better flowing. Hmm, all the signs of getting well properly falling into place.

But I am most glad because, I am smiling again, amidst all of the scars that the pox has given, in spite of all the pain that life has offered me.

When i woke up this morning, I heard that Wing Soriano has a new album out. Wing is one of my first memories, or should I say, conversation pieces with her. Without combing my hair, or looking at the mirror, and still with my eyes half closed i texted her and told her that the album is out.

'Tis one of the times, when I know that I acted silly (again), or a jerk (so what else is new?), or a kid who'se having his first crush (what, again and again), or a fool (hahahaha, need i say more?). But, funny... I was smiling while all of these are happening, and probably doesn't mind being any one of those things. I am just happy, just happy to be.

I just want to show someone some affection. A little concern, a little love... perhaps. Couln't care less if it is returned, even if it is just brushed off. I just want to be a friend to this friend.

Today, I smile, not only because of the speedy recovery against the pox, but moreso of the slow beating of my heart, of its very very awkward steps to care and to open up again.

Because the 7th day wouldn't be much different from any other day. Except this day, he knew he would rest his heart... again.

My mom, read the title of this blog... and she said, your "chicken pox is not an ordeal.... blah blah blah" forgive me, i failed to catch all of her words. at any rate, i agree with her... this is not an ordeal... at all. ;j

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