Thursday, May 06, 2004

little pirates

i spent almost the whole day browsing through the CDs that have accumulated over the months in the past two years. while listening to each and every one, i have come to observe the varying tastes of my brothers and sisters in the music that they buy.

the genre is wide from the thugy beats of rap and r&b to the somewhat mellow arrive of the love and sentimental songs. however, what attracted me the most is how all of these can be rendered in acoustic.

it seems that the acoustic rendition has gained quite a big following from the first time i heard it. i can still remember those sundays when my bro and i awaited for NU107 acoustic events back in 1994. tis funny how we used to tape them into cassette tapes. how we tried to keep quiet, thinking that the "recording" would catch our voices. hehehe, we were quite silly then.

after completing the afternoon, we would be so happy that we would play the tape over and over again. sometimes we would brag to our classmates how we found a version of "alapaap" (e-heads, then) that is never heard off, because of a line that went may isang donselya (umaga, dapat diba?)

and we'd be proud owners of new things, good things, precious things.

tis funny how things are now. acoustic is all over. piracy is very rampant (though i couldn't wash my hands..hehe) and you would hear the same things over and over. there is something amiss, something that can't be denied. a little element, factor that has been lost.

the passion for the small detail of life. it has been lost by mass produced cds, music that has been adulterated by the industry, that is supposed to be making it available to people.

o well, what am i complaining about? nothing, just wanted to pour out my ramblings and my frustration of not having able to go out... hehe

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