Tuesday, May 18, 2004

the secret of today

when i started this day, i felt as if i would die by noon. what with the gazillions of things to do, i feel that making it past noon would already be a victory for me.

and what do you know, it is almost 6:30pm and my vital signs are still ok. tired, yes. but still able to write.

today, we had our meeting in the morning and in the afternoon, i finished editing a 17-page document about the local economic profile of jabonga, agusan del norte. well if that term is not yet long enough for you, wait till you read it.

before i go home, i stop and think about how did i make it today. and i cannot think of any other reason, except, today, relationships were strengthened. it felt great to get out of the things that i am doing and somehow hear what rhea and orlan has to say about the stuff that they are doing. it has been nice to be able to just talk with people. somehow, someway, that made the day easier to walk through... even the lep seemed easier to write. notwithstanding all the gripes and the bad mouth that the previous writer got from me. or was she a writer, for that matter?

anyhows, back to this blog.

i realized that no matter how many things that i have to do, or how large is the work load of the team, it would still pay off to have real conversations with them. some say that people are the most important assets to an organization. but really, how many of us leaders really pay attention to them. sometimes, it is easier to just "do our job!" and not to care about the dynamics of a person.

but the whole dynamics comes into play when you know that the movie helen of troy is a real masterpiece, or that early morning nagging really wouldn't work. how accidents happen, especially to one of us. how easier it is to stay than to move out.

these stuff, we don't see especially when we have LEPs to popularize, Saliyaw articles to write or websites to finish, vignettes to ask from AMs... etc., etc.

but the real magic happens when the dynamics of a person becomes part of the stuff that needs to be done. that is when performers rise, and winners emerge. simple, true, yet often taken for granted.

maybe that is why something so obvious can be so unknown. and i think only those who can really touch the person other than work level can really become effective leaders in organization.

hopefully, our oie's gets approved tomorrow.

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