Sunday, June 13, 2004


i am surprised. at a sunday, five in the afternoon, and i am not yet in my ranting mood?

i choose to look at my blessings today.

i am blessed because i am in the greatest adventure of my life. i am on a quest! eventhough, it has turned to a heavy quest (who says quests can be taken in stride...), i have been able to smile just before i sleep. and the gift of that smile, makes all the troubles, trials and difficulties of the day lift slowly off my shoulders as i drift into sleep.

i am blessed with a simple life. i do not need much, i can go on a little. and i can really enjoy leisure. life seems to be unaffected my complications and complexities. it is as simple as it is, maybe it is just my weird brain thinking about lots of stuff.

i am blessed with a companionship of good friends... let me qualify, good female friends. ladies are worthy companions in friendship, they offer a lot of insights, they are very wise. i can generalize, but i'd rather not... let us just say that they are special in their own way. i don't know why it was told time and again (especially in "harry met sally") that men and women cannot be friends. i have let go of the resentment (alright i admit, there was a little bit in that previous blog) why i do not have enough male bonding. and i dont need to be drunk and cursing all the time to have a good time with them.

i am blessed because i have a date later... and i'll probably leave it at that. in the meantime, off i go...

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