Sunday, June 06, 2004

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so much for the weekend. am at the office... chatting with didi, bebot and mader. cant wait for tomorrow i guess. o well, AADC has truly been an organization who has really been passionate about work.

that is a blessing, and until recently has been a bane for us, i think.

blessing, first and foremost because somehow i still believe in the cause of the organization. and it really is something that will help the communities we are serving. i still believe that proper attention to economics, coupled with our ongoing initiatives to dialogue constantly and participate in governance would help not only inch development but enable it to hopefully grow leaps and bounds.

but this tireless pursuit for exellence has somehow affected me, sadly more negative than positive. because, i have grown tired over the months, i have stayed here. it seems that the organization is constantly on the receiving end. while much experience and expertise have been gained, but no or little regard for the little things that makes a friendly atmosphere.

what has happened to our fish philosophy. all we have known is work, work, work and more work. where is the friendship that should also be developing.

at least with rhea and orland, we have created a bond that goes beyond work. but with other people in the office, i somehow think that we are just here to work. and they expect no less than that from us.

its difficult to be in that situation . i still subscribe that for me to do my job well, i must be in friendship with people that i work with. sadly, some people would rather work than develop such.

tomorrow, we would be talking with her. i just hope we set things in their proper places. i am not looking forward to it, it may even stir the temporary calm.

but i guess, that is just the way it goes. lets do some unsettling at the office tomorrow

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