Monday, June 07, 2004


i felt naked in front of everyone. seems like ipe and cyn are having a hay day stripping me of my defenses. no use fighting them off... they really know how to do that to me.

but somehow it helped me a lot, because it points to one of my basic needs as of now. since i cannot draw in from my leadership potential, i have to get it from someone else.

if i also knew them well, they would not give me this. my guess is that ipe would continue to push me to the wall and not help me out.

well that is only my guess. in that case, i have two choices then:
to get the most of it or to reject it all together.

i wish to take the first one, to make the most of it. for i have given myself until the end of the year for AADC. my resolve seems to get stronger and stronger everyday. it has become a snowball that is dangerously gaining size and momentum.

but i still wish to get the most out from it. while i look forward to more crisis ahead, i also will be anticipating more learnings with it. unsettling, that's the way it will go until december.

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