Wednesday, June 09, 2004

shit day

i thought i had a shitty day yesterday.

it started at 3:30am when my phone's alarm blared. i felt as if a gush of alchohol is clobbering my liver. though there was no good time the previous night, funny i felt that way. i took a bath remembering that i have to be in New Bataan, Compostela Valley at 9am later. "damn," i thought, that is four hours away. o well, at least its better than an office day.

the morning was cool, but the trip to the terminal was interesting. curiousity got the better of me, when i hitched a ride on a cab that already has a passenger, but would only charge me, the flag down rate (only, php20 here in davao). i suspect that she is into the flesh trade, because the driver was talking about "dapat, humanap ka na ng lalaking hindi manloloko sa iyo... hindi pwede yung pa-isa-isang gabi lang." interesting, i thought, especially to be in that situation. my thoughts were further confirmed, when the air smelled of alcohol... all to familiar, how could i miss it? but i'd rather not dwell into it, i have a full day ahead, and the sun has not yet risen.

after about 15 mins of trying to catch some sleep, the driver woke me up to say that all passengers need to transfer to another bus. o well, i can still make it without being late, my phone clock registered, 5:15am.

and boy, what a long ride it was, winding through twists and turns. but one bonus of the ride is seeing the sun breakthrough from the horizon. god is good! he really knows how to jump start a weary heart.

well, the most shitty thing about today was i have to substitute for a speaker whose topic i have never heard of. at least there is technology of the video cam to help me in the presentation. at first i rejected the idea... its not my job i thought... why would i bother speaking for him, i don't like him anyway.

but these thoughts withered away as i saw the farmers waiting for me. they were the leaders of New Bataan. but somehow in their eyes, there is an unmistakable glimmer of hope amidst the hopelessness of poverty. these people are ready to work together, to get them selves out of the shit hole of poverty. their rugged hands, and the burnt color of their skin, spoke of passion to get things done, to take home enough food for their family. it represents the dreams of sending their kids to school, and of a better life.

i enjoyed the short encounter, and i affirmed that i can really speak bisaya quite well already. i think i am already understandable, i can already see nods emanating from the crowd... if you are a true blue manileƱo, which i am, your heart will beam with pride for being able to communicate what you have in mind.

i left New Bataan with a light heart, and a skip when i walk. i seem to look forward to the trip back home, to share this wonderful opportunity to "break bread" with the folks.

so, inspite of missing a disembarkation point, and waking up with my mouth wide open, the aircon breaking down, just when we were approaching the Sasa traffic area, and a kid shouting and making a fool out of himself (just for adults around him know that he is in the brink of taking a crap already... but later the crap came and the aroma of child shit, filled the now, dead aircon bus) i know that i had a wonderful day. i also did not mind the downpour just as i was getting down from the bus and walking home at least 4 blocks from my laundry area.

and to top it all of, an old friend texted and to know later on that she had two miscarriages already. it broke my heart, even if i cannot be in her situation. sometimes, you feel with the other person, even those messages conveyed through texts. last night, after a nice meal at mandarin in SM, i checked the time, it registered 9:30pm. it was a long day, but i prayed and gave thanks to God for a wonderful day i had. it was wonderful because it has been so full of colors, of tastes, of sounds, of feelings and emotions, and not to mention smells that have warmed the heart, and readied the spirit to more challenges of service, spirituality, simplicity, solidarity and social justice.

so apart from the kid in the bus, yesterday wasn't so shitty after all.

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