Wednesday, June 30, 2004

spidey and jabonga

there are two things that are making my smile... spiderman at 7:30p and the trip to jabonga, agusan del norte right after.

first, spiderman. been looking forward to this number for 2 months already. looking forward to how MJ would look, and of course how the saga would continue. i nearly missed this "premiere" because i was anticipating area work today. but the universe connived and i would be marching to the movies today with ninin, and be the first ones who would be seeing the webcrawler.

ah yes, the "premiere" is still very much davao. not exactly the same caliber as manila, but hey at least the seats are reserved and it only costs us PhP70 each for a good seat. hahaha, only in davao.

then there is jabonga. last time i was there was 12 months back. quite a long time already. i am excited to do the travel again. it surely would be nice being lulled to sleep by snores of fellow passengers inside bachelor. also looking forward to reflections of myself on the window and if my mind allows, reflections on life itself.

i remember wilson, he told me one time how he used to compile a bunch of reflections on philosophy that he collectively calls: mga salimsim sa loob ng bachelor express.

more than that, i look forward to renewing my energy with this chance to meet up with people i have committed to serve. service still rings loudly in my system and would surely be the basis of my decisions especially here in mindanao. no matter how corny it may sound, i would like to think that i am still doing my brand of service in the stuff that i write for area managers and coalition builders. i hope it translates concretely.

excited already, i need to don my costume now and swing...

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