Wednesday, July 21, 2004

angel of the cross

such a common name for such a common man.  a truck driver who soared to the limelight, because of a hostage drama, demanding the pull out of a small military contingent from a bewlidered nation. 
if i can summarize the flavor of the month of the media these days, i would have to say it that way.  we pinoys have a penchant for the dramatic, as if we are in a drama anthology.  we speak of our difficulties in life as if someone is watching us and empathizing with what we are going through.  as if there is a camera training our daily lives, that records our expressions, actions and words.  hoping that it can be replayed over and over again.
i guess, angelo dela cruz, if ever he shared that penchant, must have been smiling now.  not only because of the donations that came knocking at his door, not only because of the hero status that has somehow been attached to his name, but because he is now the tele serye star, no matter how short lived the series has come to run.  at least he has been the darling, the protagonist, the "angel".
maybe abs-cbn or gma should come up with a new kind of teleserye.  one that has real people living their lives as actors and actresses in their own stories.  one that portrays the hardships that we as a nation encounter everyday.  one that does not necessarily depend on text votes on the outcome of the story, but more on the circumstances that has come to transpire in the everyday.  one that makes a hit out of a day in the life of a pinoy.
the only problem is, who would be watching?  if all are the actors, who would be the audience?  who would rate the quality of tears and the exuberance of acting?  alas, our fondness to acting out life has finally caught up with us, and has left us without audiences.  but in our stories where we are the star, as long as the camera rolls, we project our acting and enjoy the lights and glamour of the moment.

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