Tuesday, July 20, 2004

freedom is calling

whenever i pass by the intersection of sandawa and quimpo boulevard, going towards the davao city overland transport terminal, i never miss the large advertising sign of marlboro. 
"freedom is calling" so it goes, looming above the place that has come to be my portal to different parts of mindanao.  it just occurred to me how, powerful the message of the advertisement is.  especially in the place where it casts its shadow.
whether the ad is for me or not, i resound to the truth that the message of the ad conveys.  that freedom calls everytime, not only when i pass by that road. 
and not to over-academize it, freedom is simply being true.  true to what is in my heart.  true to my desires, true with my destiny.
now the only problem there is to really know what is it really that my heart desires, what is my destiny?
today, i say my version of my heart's desire and my destiny is to take root in mindanao.  hahaha, i never thought that it would be that simple, or complicated, looking at another side.  maybe its because i really do tend to simplify/complicate things.  but yeah, really that is how i see myself, and that is my freedom to be able to take root right here, right now. 
that last paragaraph surely sent a chill down my spine.  it is rare for me to speak boldly of my future.  maybe later i would look back at this blog, and smile or frown because of what i would be then.
but now, i guess i'll never know.  so i'll just get back to work.

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