Thursday, July 15, 2004

artsy fartsy

we have been talking to kublai a lot these days. he is the one who is tasked of encapsulating our 10th year anniversary celebrations and 7th GA ideas into a work of art.

after one of those visits, i put together some insights on being an artist:

1. artists have no need to explain themselves. i remember mike in this, we were always proud to say that we are artists especially when ninin asks us the reason why we are doing stuff. in kublai's case, i observed that he becomes irritated on the "whys" of his work. he just knows how to express, he leaves the rationalization to critics.

at times, i wonder why i analyze too much. when in fact there is only the moment to live for. pregnant with possibilities and impossibilities that makes life worth living.

2. inspiration is fanned by emotion. i do not understand the mood swings of an artist, most especially when they complain that they cannot move on with their art. a brick wall, an expanse of ocean, a thick foliage of forests seems to block an artists hand into creating. and as soon as they reach this, they would go back to what they are feeling, to their core. that is why, they would need to feel happier or sadder (and the emotions in between) in order to finish up a work.

emotions can hold so much power. that is probably why masters of their emotions are the ones who respect it the most.

3. art is creation. and like their products, artists too are borne out of different processes. kublai's art is about his journey towards the "better." the guy knows he is good, because he knows that he was not as good as before.

and like every talent, it grows every time it is used. i have been amazed of how i can learn new stuff everytime. it probably is because of the thirst for new learning has always been in my mind.

hahaha, i guess this is what happens when i try to put together the left and right side of my brain. o well back to work, still lots of stuff to create...

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