Sunday, July 18, 2004

durian delight

been working hard, in the last 18 days.  i figured that i need some saturday night delight.  so after dinner at golden brown around the gs area, emma, gaga and myself trooped towards the corner of rizal and anda to sample early harvests of durian.
damn, i know that we are near as soon as the pungy smell permeated the air.  it got my blood circulating a little bit faster in anticipation to the treat that awaits us.  and there we found mang karding, according to a loyal clientele, the man knows if a fruit is delicious just by looking at it and feeling it. hmmm must be some talent, i for one had to smell each and every fruit and somehow try to "communicate" with it.
anyhows, i chose a 1.4 kilo native durian, quite cheap at php84 as i said, it is still quite early in the season.  of course it is the native variety, as the chanee is a little bit tame for me.
as i sat down with the opened up fruit, i inhaled deeply the aroma of the king of all fruits.  i know that this is gonna be good!  and with the first touch of the flesh to my lips, i knew that kadayawan season is approaching very near.  the smell is arrogantly teasing my palate inviting me to devour its meat.  i closed my eyes as i bit more and more to the seed.  images of paradise and stars came out of nowhere from the darkness under my eyelids.
as i swallowed the first batch, my heart skipped a beat and my lungs drew in more air to savor the experience.  my vision is becoming blurry and my head started to float, i am drunk in every sense of the word for the moment of letting go of everything that i hold dear for this one moment encounter with my favorite fruit. 
and before i knew it, no more, the 1.4kilo joy has emptied itself into our stomachs.  as we grinned the way only people who have eaten durian grinned, i know that the next few days of trooping to durian stations would be full of happy memories.
burp.... damn that still smells like durian.
ps. today is the birthday of my mommy, my dad's on last 14th.  damn, its their third birthday that i am not home.  *sigh*

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