Monday, July 19, 2004

please do not leave your things unattended

as we were about to end our badminton game last night in kanto motors last night, there comes a boy strutting inside the court.  you can see that his body is leaning towards the left, trying to balance a heavy basket of bojol (kalamay) that seems to take the life out of him.
he offered his wares at php45 each, conceding later on to php40.  i felt pity stirring up inside, but i really do not have enough change to spare.  i have been denied the sale of alchohol earlier at davao convenience because my money was php500.  so i let him be, as the group decided to extend the playing time. 
we played for another hour or so.  as we finished game after game, i was looking towards the boy, and he fell asleep on a chair, with his basket near his feet.  "tired boy."  i thought.  upon closer look he was also sleeping underneath a sign that read "please do not leave your things unattended."
how symbolic.  for a moment there, i sensed a feeling of ownership of the situation.  the sleeping kid reminded me how callous can i be of the "things" that i should be taking care of.  the little, yet important things. of connecting and being connected with another person.  of reaching out and being reached.  of other things that make human beings more of persons, than just a specie that has come to occupy the earth. 
it also kinda rekindled memories of taking care of omar, janet, melo and lyan when they were little.  though, at times my brand of "taking care" is not really in the best way, at least being a kuya was a responsibility i took on, especially without mommy and daddy. i wished, and somehow tried to give and provide the best for them, even as they have grown to be the person that they are now. 
damn i miss my utols.  i wish that i could just go home and visit, and be one with the only persons who can ever call me kuya
as i went to sleep, before vanishing in the haze of dreams, i thanked my creator, for even if i was not able to buy any of the bojol, nor was i able to go back home and take on my "kuya" responsibility (which i have already relinquished to omar),  i was glad to still be affected by the things that should be attended to.  for i know that the things that should be attended to are right here in mindanao, and right now.

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