Monday, July 12, 2004


had a nice dream in the wee hours of sunday morning. i dreamt that i was smoking outside my room, wearing only my sarong. then we were supposed to have a new female boarder who was hot and sexy and most of all willing... to be friends. friendly chick if you ask me.

so she approached me and asked for a stick, for a moment there i thought that, o this is kewl, pick up moment to some extent. so there we were smoking, and talked a bit. details of which i cannot remember now.

next thing i know, she was already inviting me to her room, to have a look at something... perhaps. but as soon as i entered her room, i awoke. damn, my interest really got the best of me and got back to sleep, hoping to continue the dream.

the dream continued, but i found myself already leaving her room... damn, i missed the juicy parts.

but before i left, i asked for her number. she was kind enough to give it to me, scribbled it on a piece of paper. i looked at it when she gave it to me, and found the word (i don't know it was more of a combination of letters : oyiyahoyiah.

i also gave my number to her. but i quizzingly looked at her with the numbers and the weird word. she winked and told me the word, she used as a way to remember her number easier...

i awoke instantly again.

this time, i got my fone and texted the number, saying "you may find this weird, but i dreamt about your number... and this will be the last of it, and you wont hear from me again."

and her number, haha go figure.

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