Friday, July 09, 2004

dinner at la toscana

we had dinner last night at la toscana... hmmmm pasta zingara and capricciosa pizza. probably one of the best italian restaurant in davao, with value for money.

am no italian afficionado, but for a gastronomic sample, the food in la toscana was pretty great. however, what sets the place apart from the likes of pico bello and the other italian place at the venue (forgot the name... hehehe) was the personal extension of service of the people there.

there is only one server, but she seems shy and does her job in the quiet way that we have been accustomed to already. but it has something to do with the smile, as if she is always glad to have customers inside. she gives enough attention without the encroaching atmosphere that other servers seem to impose on people. at least, privacy is precious here.

i remember she was pregnant a few months back, and when she delivered her child, the filipina owner with what looks like an italian fathered kid came over to watch over the place. really feels like family.

the place never really got full of customers. there are four 4-seater tables and one 4-6 seater. small place, quaint and very homely. conversations were limited from table to table, no ruckus, no great fanfare, just a simple space to enjoy good food and the company of friends.

i always look forward to having dinner there. good memories in la toscana. i would like to note also that whenever agnes and i have dinner there, we seem to understand each other very well. tomato sauce? or mozzarella? or the black olives? or the olive oil? or probably, la toscana is a ground of neutrality for both of us. whatever it may seem, i am glad there is a place in davao, where we can just sit together, be friends and just listen and talk to each other. where the stress of doing our jobs well can take the back seat and just lay back and let time pass.

it is the good combination of these factors makes la toscana one of the better places to visit here in davao. and i would definitely come back again and again.

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