Thursday, August 05, 2004

11 minutes

i have a new book!!!

ross just sent me the latest book of paulo coelho, 11 minutes. well its not exactly new, since i've been hearing about the book since last year. the real come on was how coelho would be providing the words and prose to the a subject as candid yet so real as sex... moreso in how it would figure out when written side by side with love.

i am not so proud as to stoop down and say that i have yet to see how the two would be taken together and make truth what my teachers in san carlos have been emphasizing. makes me want to just drop everything and read on.

i hope to start reading soon... in the meantime, ites is around. and much as i want to immerse in my 11 minutes with Maria (the main character in the book), that would have to wait...

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