Tuesday, August 03, 2004

betting with god

... i just can't stop writing...

last sunday was isla reta day! i tagged along with ninin, b25 volunteers (divine, beth, steph, fivemay, jerber, glenn and munyen) and andy lui (a kythe volunteer) for some sunburn which i can still feel right now.

it was really a day of r and r. those sort of "no worries" kind of thing that you just let stuff happen. right after lunch, we left jerber to watch by our stuff and took off for a walk. but not a few meters away, i spotted a spot of finely washed sand, under some trees, smooth like powder and tempting as a lady's embrace. so i settled down for a few snoozes and let the others walk on by.

though, i was permanently crossing the line between the unconscious and the subconscious stages (as i can sometimes hear myself snore...), it was a peaceful one, one that i have missed sorely eversince july1.

after some time, i heard voices calling out loud from the sea, and when i opened my eyes, i saw a boat that carries the most of us and beckoning me to come. and was i glad to know that we would be visiting isla reta 2. after 20 minutes or so... wooohooo!!! at last the fabled "other side" of the island was devoured by my eyes.

isla reta 2 was lovely, white sand, a cave, and a general feeling of seclusion from the whole world. no other land formation was visible from the beach... now this is the talikud side of talikud island. (pardon the pun).

and o did i say that we arrived at isla reta2 at around 2:30pm? and did i also mention that the last boat leaves out of sta.cruz, talikud island at 3:00pm? suffice it to say that we would be late for the trip back home. glenn appeared to feign sleep, divine looked forwad unblinking, steph let the wind blow her hair, andy and i talked about other alternatives... we can take the boat to kaputian... then to babak then to davao. a farther route, more expensive one too and still unsure whether it could be feasible at that time. not exactly my favorite topic.

so i contended with humoring the situation by betting with god. i told five may:

jerry: God, pustahan tayo hindi kami aabot (for the boat that would take us home to davao)

about a hundred meters back to isla reta1, we checked our watches and it is already 3:00pm. then we saw our last glimmer of hope, slowly pulling away from the beach, munyen saw the semblance of an anchor being lifted... the boat was leaving. feeling a sense of humorous mishap, i told god.. ha, talo ka.

but surprise of surprises, the people on the boat saw us and slowly went back to shore... waited for a few more minutes and took us all on board, and the time is already 3:20pm.

hahaha! a bet that i did not mind loosing indeed! talk about God being extra generous to volunteers!!!

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