Tuesday, August 31, 2004


i am back at the office... now i am good to work for another four months at the least. it has been a truly marvelous week, capped off by an even more amazing weekend.

just before i went home from our cebu trip, i passed by one of my beloved islands in the whole wide world: camiguin. it has always occupied a special place in my heart as we had some very interesting moments together. camiguin, as they say is the island borne out of fire, but for all its titles and its meanings to other people, for me it has come to be a solace, a special place to rest, to see sites and to reconnect with myself and with people.

camiguin comes at times when i needed it most. to break away from the hassle and bustle of living and giving. to receive god's graces when my spirits have been depleted and at a all time low.

my recent trip to camiguin just last weekend, proved these things yet again, and lifted the same to higher, deeper and wider levels of consciousness. as always, together with rhea and gaga, i stayed at enigmata tree house galeri. a place managed by ross, a good friend. most memories were made in the quiet confines of the tree house. my soundest sleeps were slept in a warm bed amidst the silent night, and my most artistic expressions are cultivated there (if ever there are some).

but for the love of me, the best memory of camiguin was at the time it embraced me when all the world seems unbearable that i have to pack up and go "anywhere but here." the beautiful island, together with a good friend gave me refuge. and after a night of dancing and an early morning trip to white island. i have garnered enough strength to start to move on, and heal the places i have hurt myself.

and so it goes, i smile and remember the sights, sounds and memories of camiguin this time, hoping that when i get back, more or less, the island could still weave its magic and touch its visitors again in a very special and personal way.

as we were packing our bags last sunday to catch the last trip to balinguan from guinsiliban, rhea shared how she missed the opportunity to visit white island, sto. niƱo cold springs and the other sites of the island. i told her that that's ok, for that is another reason to come back to camiguin (read as: come-again).

some pictures.

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