Sunday, August 29, 2004

one helluva week

i thought monday would be the highlight of my week. but by the way things went, from tuesday to today, monday was nuthin.

tuesday and thursday were the most boring part. being the work-aholics creeps that we are, we are still having our meetings in the midst of our cebu outings. and that's not all, because of the hell that we have to go through we finish those mind breaking brain stormings at not earlier than 10.30p. but enough said, these two days were not really the reason why i am writing.

wednesday (8.25.04) was interesting as i have given the chance to tour cebu. i have been to cebu three times already, but never really got to enjoy it tremendously as that wednesday. ipe was kind enough to prepare an itinerary that would take us to the most popular spots of the city. we were really tourists visiting the usual tourist attractions of fort san pedro, magellan's cross, sto.niƱo cathedral, cebu memorial, casa gorordo, lapu-lapu shrine (and dinner at the sutokil in mactan) and tops to top it all. taking pictures for each and every stop, the two sets of batteries that i have fully charged ran out of power and i have to get 2 new sets...

it was nice being a tourist. flashing the widest smile, and having a nice air-conditioned nissan urvan as our service certainly made the trip more enjoyable than it already was. and having good company as well, assured a day that would never be easy to forget.

... even if we started the day at 5.30a and end it at 12 midnight. of course we did not greet the sunrise at fort san pedro, nor did we end the day at tops... it was just we were having more meetings before and after the city tour that has never failed to remind me of the hardworking asses that we really are. and i say that with jest.

friday, (8.27.04) was the best part of the cebu trip! we made our way to maribago blue waters. sosyal! that is all i can say. very nice beach indeed. well of course it has been obvious that the place was very much "touched" and commercialized, but it somehow fooled the senses of the aesthetics that it offered. food was great too and we had it all served all day.

so there, the beach, the sun, good friends and great food all around, what more can i say.

so even if cebu wasn't at the top of my list, it surely proved its worth last week. good thing there was ipe and his hard work that somehow made it a little better.

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