Monday, August 09, 2004

making love

i just had an amazing weekend!

1. started off with an overnight beach party last friday. after an agonizing week, nay month. mader, beth, didi, gaga, divine, agnes, emma and me trooped to samal island to have, well basically a good time. we left davao for babak at 9:30p and were settled in at fernandez beach resort in peña plata at around 10:15p. that wasn't such a hard trip. a less-than-10minute ride from a motorized banca and a 30 minute or so ride from a multicab and we are all set for a grand weekend. pity the "organizers" of the event, orland and rhea weren't there to savor the event. the next day, it was the beach, the sun, food, and naps in between.

the beach wasn't class A, but it was all good to soothe a tired body. it wasn't like paradise, on the other side of samal, the sand was a tad more gray and finer, so the water turns a bit cloudy. but it was great enough to ride small waves that turns up every now and then. talk with officemates, about anything and everything about life. whooh, just what i need.

2. durian treat saturday night with didi and judy. nice hearing from an old colleague, judy, who is now into law school. she wouldn't let me speak my tagalog-accented visaya though. told me it reminds her of someone... apparently someone she doesn't want to remember. i wonder who could that be?

3. JVP GA yesterday (sunday). its mesmerizing how technology can bring people together. in the morning, there were five video cam windows, one in manila who has initated the web videocast, and the other four from DAVAO, cagayan de oro, zamboanga and naga. saw old and new faces that has somehow contributed to the 600 years of nation building that atty jo (JVPFI ED) referred to before in one of her emails. funny how rhen and grace (who is from cagayan local com origanally, who was in zambo for work) kept flashing through a cartolian on the screen, written in big and bold letters HI JEWI!!! or HI ERRY OSEEEEEE. hehehe they seem to have forgotten the Js in my name. but they have not forgotten their terms of endearment. saw ina, mike and dom in manila too. damn, kakamiss, manila is still a home to me.

4. finished reading 11 minutes by coelho. i wouldn't want to ruin the surprise of the book. so i wouldn't talk too much about the details. but suffice it to say that the novel is a story of searching and finding. of needing and wanting. and of the ironies that beset the concepts. for you will never find until you've stopped searching, nor would you find what you want by needing it. i think i'll shut up now. but i liked the book, since it was about how i describe myself. it is complicated, yet so simple... a paradox of sorts, much like the way life has turned out. and i liked it that way, thank you very much.

my weekend was so full, it seems like i have made love every minute of it, well in the figurative meaning of course. more than actual penetration neither from the heat of my groins, the weekend presented itself as a gallery of colors, shapes and images. it was a full contact meeting with life, with friends and faces who have continued to make a difference in the life that i lead.

and i think, as maria would have said, that is better than having an orgasm.

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