Tuesday, August 10, 2004

new skin

after two weekends at the beach, my shoulders has been quite proud to show off new skin. the sun burn has finally given its lighter side. the pain associated with it is now replaced with old skin chipping off. my polka-dot-ish shoulder reminds me so much of the way i have often associated with "new."

and speaking of which here are a few new things about me:

1. there is talk that i would be sent off to AIM for a PPDM certificate course by september. though still unconfirmed, as we still have to give the reply to FORD, our funder who has furnished us the invitation, the confidence by agnes has certainly upped my spirits lately. at some point i feel unworthy of such a blessing. on the other hand, i am glad because it came at the most opportune time, on the eve of my decision of whether to stay or to go....

--- whew just got the email from FORD, would read it for a while. need to send reply ASAP. ---

2. seems that being single is not so bad after all. after seven ex-girlfriends, unaccounted for flirtations, and other attempts to have a lady by my side, i have realized that not having a girlfriend at this point in time makes me... well, rather contented. maybe its because of the company that i keep, or maybe its because that i have finally seen the merits of being happy on my own. with or without someone by my side.

there, some happy thoughts to inspire me for a training that i would be giving thursday and friday for maragusan, and monday and tuesday for mabantao and capungagan in davao del norte.

i guess new skin almost always demands new challenges.

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