Friday, September 24, 2004

excitement... dread

there are two things to look forward to:

1. urban trekking race on sunday. the race would ply the route: ulas-matina pangi-langub-gap farm. total running time is projected at 5-6 hours. wohhooooo! a chance to explore a part of davao that i've been rearing to explore. not much details to go from here, but i'm sure it'll be an event the adventurer in me would not want to miss.

2. maragusan PIM visit on monday and tuesday. i'm finally going on that bus trip! and it would be taking me to the only AADC local coalition area which i haven't visited yet. i'm sure the visit would be feast for the eyes and a rest for the soul. and not to mention work at the same time.

there is one thing that i dread.

rhea is leaving. actually i'm on the downside with the actual confrontation and the time when she would be leaving. damn! she is such a good co-team member. and worse, she will not be replaced.

sarap mag-work sa AADC!

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