Wednesday, September 22, 2004


had great fun last night playing squabol.

squabol is the second mutation of the game scrabble.

simplistically, in scrabble, there are four players who take turns in forming words from seven randomly selected letter tiles. the tiles are played on a board. score is assigned depends on the rareness of the letter.

squabble, on the other hand can be played by an unlimited number of players, who also form words. this time, the players gather around and flip open letter tiles one at a time until a word is formed out of the open faced letter tiles. the first person who shouts a word gets the tiles and of course the corresponding score of the letters. any time in the game, a player can “steal” the word claimed by another by inserting another letter to change the meaning of the original word. for example: “word” may be stolen when the letter “L” is flipped open, thus making the “world”.

squabol is the tagalog version. more fun, more challenging and a lot less serious than the first two. but a whole lot crazier! i can still feel stress on my nerves as i write.

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