Monday, October 04, 2004

beginning of the end

i have just started my countdown of the last few months, weeks or probably days in this organization. i have finally shared with my boss my plans for next year. i told her that i have no more plans of staying put. the bottomline, the "it" is just not there anymore. motivation and commitment have gone at an all time low.

all though i have said that i could stay until the end of the year. my boss told me not to prolong the agony and leave as soon as possible. i guess she also agrees with me that my motivation is already low. and i somehow got the feeling that she rejoiced at what i said... "hah! no more jerry to contend with."

while it hurts to be dropped just like that. it felt good to finally tell her what i have been keeping for so long. now, all i have to do is to finish up with the stuff that i need to do. i guess that won't be too hard anymore, even if it amounts to mountains of tasks.

i have given in to fate.

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