Friday, October 01, 2004

bits and pieces

just got an email today from the top guy. he was telling me how one of the reports i just submitted for him was very bad.

while i know that in two days, i couldn't make it spectacular. but the thing that hit me is that he has been observing that i "have not been your best" since he came back. i guess that is true.

and finally, about time too that he would be talking to me. although i anticipate a rather good bashing here and there. and i should also be bringing some water so that when the "sabunan" comes, it would be easy to wash it off. hehehe.

but really, i am looking forward to clearing up some things with him as well. probably tell him about my plans for next year. and my gnawing discontentment of how her designate is running things.

i've always looked up to ipe for his ability to level with me. though, ever since he did get back, we never really got a chance to do that. a lot of pride on the way for me to approach him and chat.
i've been such a whining dickhead the past couple of days. and my suspicion yesterday seems to be a worthy lead. i am missing out on something. there is really a gap there.

i have moved from a sunny disposition to a lot of angsty depression these days. and that happened very quickly, it is as if i just woke up and then i feel angry towards what i have been doing and probably where am i, and the reason why i am doing this stuff so far away from home.

and the thing is, no one can help me out except probably... well... me. but damn, that's when it gets really complicated. anyways, i'll just see where this phase is going to lead me.

saw the moon last night in one of its nearest. it was round and orange just at the level of buildings along ecoland. i was with anj, going to sm. twas a nice break from my angsty day to have dinner with the guys. and the moon seems to be quite near last night, the outlines of the lady there seems to know my need for company.

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