Friday, October 15, 2004

i just never learn

it started off with an invitation, "two bottles tayo ser..."

my day ended yesterday, feeling rather exhausted. sleep, that is all i wanted to do. seems i've been very sleepy these days... maybe i'm just tired. anyways, i joined beth and bebot for dinner. and bebot and myself were already joking about having a few drinks after dinner. but he was also postponing it because of a volume of tasks he needs to be doing at the office.

and so it goes, after dinner at nccc (and exploring the wow mindanao adventure expo... amazing, mukhang maganda pala ang outdoor life dito sa davao? ... anyways that is worth another entry), the invitation was brought up again.

the night ended with three red horse bottles on our table... only the bottles are the grande ones. but before we called it a night, i just had to let go of dinner as my stomach just couldn't take the alcohol swirling inside anymore.

damn... and now my head is heavy, my liver is hurting and all that blah blah i always say after a night like last night.

and then i go to the motions of swearing not to do it again. and the motion will not end until i kiss another bottle, which could be anytime between tonight and wednesday night next week.

i just would never learn, would i?

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