Friday, October 22, 2004

reflection - action

caveat... this is a no senser.

just came from an plant genetic resource consultation today. it sounds like an in depth discussion on the negative effects of plant genetic resources, of how it tolerates the amassing of further riches by the rich and the continued degradation of the quality life of the poor. things that i am very passionate about.

for the love of me, these activities are always worthy of an attendance. even if the litany of poor farmers can almost be memorize, even if the usual response of the other stakeholders is setting another meeting to address the concerns. for one, because these forms part of the learning that i need to go through. during these meetings, more than the topic at hand, i observe the people involved. the facilitator, the participants, the support staff, even the lady at the far back who was sporting dreadlocks (astig, her name is bing, we had a moment of small talk, but the torpe in me kept me tongue tied all the time... but that is another story). for two, topics on development makes me reflect on what am i doing. what job i am giving my energy too. and i try to find the connection of whatever is being said to what i am doing in aadc.

i had the opportunity to be a facilitator in this training. i came with a framework to catch all of the responses of the group, and the unenviable task of synthesizing what were said and what were not. toughie. anyways, i was surprised that after hearing all of the stuff that people said, it came down to basically two points, the PGR would only contribute to worsening two problems: poverty and environmental degradation (social injustice was also added by another participant).

its funny though, i know that i am resigning, but the framework still sticks....

however, i am not contented with the reflection part. i am also equally passionate about the action. what needs to be done? what can be done? what can i do? usually people do not want to address these questions because it involves too much commitment on their part. something that they might not be able to 'handle." but that is the way it goes with development, even with life. there needs to be some sort of movement when situations confront us. it is never enough to sulk in tragedy or bask in glory, and the other stuff in between. after this, then what?

while we know that there is a problem, what are the necessary stuff that we need to do so that those same problems could be addressed. even the salvation of the world did not stop at a promise. it is a promise come true, no matter if it took ages upon ages. at least it came true.

.... now how did i come to that?

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