Sunday, October 24, 2004

utol speak

i've been going home earlier than usual the past two nights. maybe my body has been very very tired. but when i get home before dozing off, somehow the last thoughts of my mind were of my sisters and brothers in manila. see, there are five of us children of my dad and mom. three boys and two ladies. there is me, omar, janet, melo and lyan. i may be the eldest, but seems to be the most kid among the lot.

anyways, this post is more of them than of me. kinda like friendster testimonials that i have once posted in their pages. i just want to make it sure that they are here in my blog.

omar comes right after me. but he is first in most aspects. he was the one who first had a girlfriend, he was the one who is going to get married first. i guess, he is the one who is the most mature among us. he is very responsible in making sure that the house is clean for visitors. sunday mornings are usually for sweeping the sala. he is a whole like my dad, quiet yet one of the persons i can always talk with. i grew up a lot with the guy, and i could not have been the way i am, had it not been with him. in kill bill 2, i remembered him when i saw bill's dedication to bud that was inscripted in bud's sword... to bud, the only man i ever loved.

janet is the first sister we had. so we were not really sure how to get about her when we were younger. i remember that she used to hug me when she was small, yet i do not know how to handle the love so to speak. so i was a mean kuya to her. but when i realized, that hey, she is my sister and she is the first one at that. so i came to mend my ways and started to be the kuya the she deserves. though, it was a little hard and awkward at first, but patience and time and sincere appreciation made things better. and oh, did i tell you that she cooks very well? i owe it to her why i was such a healthy boy in manila. :)

melo follows right after janet. if i would be a girl, i would look just like her. there is an uncanny similarity between us that my friends used to call her "babaeng jerry" or me, "lalaking melo." i also had a mean streak with her... just goes to show how a brat i was then, although now i still am... hehehe. but knowing she and all of them are my responsibilities after dad and mom. i kinda made ammends and now makes it a point to drop by once in a while through text with her. i remember she was one of the longest text conversations i had in my last birthday.

lyan is the youngest, but seems to be the most kuya of all. we used to call him kuya lyan because he can really capture the leadership role anytime his real kuyas and ates relinquish it to him. he is a good person, and he was the first one who taught me about compassion and forgiveness. i would always remember the php500 incident. but we agreed not to let anyone know about it. so it is a secret between kuya and bunso and would never be given away.

during my last visit in manila, the whole lot jumped into our red toyota corolla (1979 body, with 1983 engine... at least that was how i remembered). omar taking the wheel, michelle (his fiance) by his side, while i was with the kids at the back. we made our way to starbucks in timog. and since janet was now a barista, she was glad to orient all of us on better tasting drinks, that kinda made it feel better to spend that amount of money. we were just talking and just having a good time. somehow, that moment froze in my mind. the taste of that togetherness doesn't happen very much these days. and what made it all the more special, because that never happened before when we were young. now wiser through the years, we have somehow learned that the only persons we can really depend on are the four other persons around the table.

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