Saturday, November 06, 2004


my day started late, but i awoke very early with a need to hug someone. my arms long to feel the warmth of someone, my shoulders miss the brush of affection that could lift all the tensions inside. though the need to be with someone is not that important, my first hour of today asked for touch. haven’t getting much of that lately, i figured, so just shrugged my weary shoulders and trudged my way to anton rose inn to deliver my week’s worth of laundry.

i need to go to the office to do some stuff, but i am not in a hurry so i took kalamansi street and decided to walk all the way to matina. at 10am, the day promises to make me sweat. the sun is relentlessly beating down on the pavement, with a few cotton clouds here and there resembling only my imagination can make out. behind shades i bought from a hawker in cotabato city, i avoided squinting and saw the beauty of the day. blue is all around, the colors all so vibrant makes another picture perfect segment of a day in the life.

i thought the walk made the early morning yearning go away. i was mistaken though. after sitting in front of my machine, i browsed through my mp3 collection that was inherited from the first owners of this machine, clicked on the folder of parokya ni edgar. hell, i think i would be toasting on some inuman na songs while i finish the editing of my report.

beeeeep wrong again. the first song was maniwala ka sana, followed incessantly by halaga, and gising na, then harana came. i was secretely wishing for a killer filler to cut the snowballing of emotions, or edgar orders pizza, or buloy for the love of god. but no, even inuman na came in last.

ahhhh victims of love, i am one of those. what do you do when you have one of your favorite bands crooning about love in all its intricacies and simplicities? well you basically sing with and belt it out with chito, vinci, darius, dindin, buwi and gab.

interestingly, i came upon the extended version of harana (thanks ela). what a joy, mike has been telling me all about this track since 2002, the one where tony bambino (ok, so its lambino) comes into the story. but chito's voice is a bit muffled so i was not able to hear it pretty well. and as the livelier bass lines pumped their way in... i readied myself on my keyboard for the last stanza of the song. i think i was quite successful, with the lyrics as:

uso pa ba ang harana?
marahil ngayon ay alam mo na
basta’t para sa iyo aking hirang
kahit na magmukhang hibang
tutupdin ang lahat liyag
pagkat ako ang iyong bihag.

there goes my lone productive thing for today.

and it has to start with (the absence of) a hug-partner.

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